Uberplas supplies plastic products to processors and end-users.

What we do


  • Plastic scraps from here in the UK, the Europe and the USA, and supply to our customers worldwide


  • Plastic scraps in bales (HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, etc), plastic regrinds
  • Prime and off-grade resins and reprocessed PE, PP resins
  • Rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, hydrocarbon resins
  • OCC and Metal scraps

What we sell

Uberplas sell a number of raw plastic materials, reprocessed pellets, virgin pellets and other polymers.

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Cubes of wasted bags

What we buy

We purchase raw plastics in bales and big bags in large quantities. We do not purchase mixed waste or mixed recycling products. We mainly purchase multiple grades of HDPE, PP, PET and LDPE scraps, clean and baled that has continued supply.

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How we partner

Our customers are mainly processors who have ongoing production throughout the year. Therefore, they require continuous products with the same quality. We offer them partnership to become their supplier for the required raw material and supply them the tonnage and quality they need every month in multiple shipments. We sign contracts with our customers after they test the trial order and supply them the tonnage continuously under an annual contract.